Digital V-timer

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  • By the use of two buttons you set the time that the water heater will be in operation.

    Operation time may change from summer to winter. In most countries, depending on climate, 15 minutes in winter time and 7 minutes in summer time is enough to cover your needs.

  • Before you take your shower, simply press the V-timer activation switch.

    You no longer need to worry about the water heater. You can devote yourself in working on something else.

  • While the water heater is turned on , you can see the time that remains until it will turn off automatically.

    During the indication on the right of the time is flashing , you have to wait until you use the water heater in order to be safe.

  • Once the operating time as set is up, it will turn off. Moreover, V-timer has an audible alarm which stops after a while.

    This allows you to know that the water is heated according to your needs.