Frequent questions


Can I install the V-timer myself?

Installing V-timer is simple for an electrician. For safety reasons, it is recommended for the V-timer to be installed by a professional.

How much does the installation cost?

A professional electrician can install the V-timer in approximately 30 minutes, so it shall not be more than 30 €.

My electrical panel is full. What shall I do?

In case your electrical panel is full, the electrican who will install V-timer can remove the existing switch, putting it into permanently “on” status. Besides, the operation (turning on) of the water heater will be made by V-timer.

How is V-timer installed?

It is mandatory for the V-timer to be installed by a licensed electrician. Click here for installation instructions for electricians.

I do not have an electric water heater. Can it function properly?

V-timer is functioning only with electric water heaters and / or with electric-solar panels.


I think V-timer is not functioning. What shall I do?

First of all, extend the operating time for which you have set V-timer. It is possible that your water heater should be turned on for longer to cover the needs of your household. If it still does not work, contact the electrician who made the installation to verify that there is no impairment. In any case, our call center (+30 2610 461900) is at your disposal to help you. Moreover, V-timer has a 5 year warranty.

Does the V-timer have a warranty?

V-timer has a 5 year replacement warranty.


How do I decide on the operating time I shall set the V-timer for?

The setting of V-timer depends on the area where you live, the season and the size of the water heater. For this reason, V-timer has a setting that you can modify and adjust after the first use. For a house in mainland Greece with a water heater of 180lt, 7 minutes in the summer and 12 minutes in the winter is considered a good setting.


To which areas can you ship V-timer;

V-timer is shipped worldwide by post. Shipping costs may vary depending on the area of destination. For this reason, we will always contact you before shipping to inform you on the exact cost.

Where do I pay for the v-timer

You can deposit to the following accounts:
1. NATIONAL BANK 226/401 222-42
I.BAN NATIONAL GR68 0110 2260 0000 2264 0122 242
2. ALPHA 5300 0232 0007 556
I.BAN ALPHA GR23 0140 5300 5300 0232 0007 556
3. EUROBANK 0026 0083 9101 0003 5908
I.BAN EUROBANK GR26 0260 0830 0009 1010 0035 908
4. PIRAEUS BANK 5507-012269- 981
BANK IBAN GR77 0172 5070 0055 0701 2269 981

please state the name of the document name in the transfer, for any clarification do not hesitate to contact us.

 Save money

How much money can I save if I use V-timer?

You will definitely save money with V-timer. We cannot define how much since it depends on how much you use your water heater. It has been estimated that middle-sized households can save 10-50 € per month.