V-timer provides the best way to operate your Water Heater

V-timer is an intelligent device, which allows you to schedule operating time for your water heater, according to your needs, and it turns it off automatically when this time is up.
It has a visual indicator that gives information on the water heater operation while an audible alarm sets off to let you know the water heater is turned off automatically.


  • V-timer will reduce your electricity bill from 10 to 50 Euros
  • It is a necessary device for the elderly who can be forgetful, for students who can be negligent and for families with children
  • It extends your water heater life cycle
  • The water heater remains turned on for ONLY as long as it is needed



Comfort - Convenience

  • No stress is needed anymore as to when to switch off the water heater
  • V-timer automatically turns off the water heater as scheduled
  • It is easy to use
  • The water does not boil
  • If you have a solar panel, you are not tricked into thinking that the water has been heated by the sun


  • No risk of electrocution while having a shower
  • No risk for the water heater to explode if the thermostat is not functioning

Good function

Three different models

Depending on how much of a gadget person you are, you will find the best model for you

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Digital V-timer

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WiFi V-timer

A Unique Idea

International Patent

V-timer is a product that, although it provides a solution for a problem common for all households, is innovative and has been certified by International Patent No. 20150100506.

Protect the environment

Environmentally friendly

It does not only help you save money, but it is worth mentioning that it is environmentally friendly. By using V-timer, you save energy, which means less environmental pollution. We also extend the life cycle of the water heater, the production of which causes pollution.

  • By using a simple rotating switch you permanently set the operating time for your water heater.

    Operation time may change from summer to winter. In most countries, depending on climate, 15 minutes in winter time and 7 minutes in summer time is enough to cover your needs.

  • Before you take your shower, simply press the V-timer activation switch.

    You no longer need to worry about the water heater. You can devote yourself in working on something else.

  • As long as the heater is turned on, a light indicator is also on in order to keep you updated regarding its operation.

    While the light indicator is still on, wait before you use the water heater, for safety reasons.

  • Once the operating time as set is up, it will turn off. Moreover, V-timer has an audible alarm which stops after a while.

    This allows you to know that the water is heated according to your needs.

The company behind V-timer

DIVICO Security has been active since 1983 in the security systems sector. During its long history, thousands of households, companies and organisations have trusted DIVICO Security, something we consider as an honour. The philosophy of sustainable development led DIVICO to specialize in security solutions in photovoltaic systems, while the presence and reputation of the company at a national level is kind of a guarantee for the quality of the security services it provides.

  • Testimonial
    Every time we left for vacation, we were returning home because we were afraid we might had left the water heater turned on. Now we are sure.
  • Testimonial
    In a family of five, there was always someone who was forgetting to turn off the heater, resulting in high electricity bills and hot water in the shower. Not anymore!
  • Testimonial
    The difference in power consumption was evident from the first bill... I estimate that by the end of the year I will have saved at least 150 €!